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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 6, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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youngstrom has died. >> i in. can tell you again how hard this is for all of us. >> the captain was broken up. she had to tell everyone that hurt one have officers had succumbed to his loans. >> four a day in the half he has been here. you've been surrounded by his family and chp officers. >> tenure in the -- he
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loved his job. >> unfortunately the chp officer has died. reporting in walnut creek, j.r. stone. >>james: many of the people had a candlelight vigil. they lit candles. >> my heart goes out to the family. we may not know him but we still care. he was a good man and a family man. >> being a mother has to be hard. >> we are small community.
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>> one of those attending were of many of his children it is hard to imagine what >> is the winter. imagine what those children of winter. >>justine: it turns out that officer kenyon youngstrom was on the scene at first to deal with a dead deer. he ended up pulling over 80 branco because in the of an abstracted license plate. after a few seconds of conversations with the driver who was shot in the head.
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the officer that was behind the cheap shot and killed the suspect. the suspect has been identified as 36 or older christopher lacy. they're looking into a motive for the shooting. >> we found out that lee see worked for several different companies even eat a. he lived in the east bay and also sausalito. >>james: less get enough data on the weather for today. >>erica: let's take a look outside of the mountain camp. and can hardly make out the
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lights in the distance. we keep the potential for thunderstorms are round for the rest of the morning. as we head into the afternoon we may see partial clearing. it will be cooler than yesterday. we will still be dealing with tropical clouds from much of the day. >> here are the temperatures this morning. here are the afternoon highs.
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was 70 and ran the bay forecast of this show is essential changes in the temperatures. we do not see much in the way of change. there will be morning fog and afternoon sunshine. it will be mild and nice conditions. we will continue to monitor your forecasts on kron 4. let's go to the traffic center. >> we have are falling a
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hot spot on highway 17. there is a signal to alert. it this was a big mess yesterday evening. we do have some big rigs heading down that direction. it is expected to be we open by 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> there are no problems to the bridges could the same retail bridge ride is pretty empty. the golden gate bridge it has clear conditions. there is cloud cover up had been not much in the way of fog. >>justine: president barack
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obama will except his party's nomination tonight. it was former president bill clinton that stole the show last night. >> it was clinton on stage last night and lay out the framework for what this election is about pin tonight is rocco, -- tonight is barack obama telling is why he deserves a second term in >> and bill clinton and commanded the crowds speaking for 48 minutes. he is convincing the crowd that voters are not better off now is -- it is better
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off now than they were four years ago >> and nobody could possibly repair all the damage he found when he went into office. if >> if you want a winner- take-all, he should report -- support the public and to get. if you want someone who says we are all in this together tonight. you should vote for barack obama pin >> before president obama
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addresses the convention tonight, the joe bidan will give his acceptance speech. >> >>justine: a reminder that you can watch and on in erupted cover in of the convention at castle -- kron 4 comcast 193. here is a look outside this morning. we have much more to come.
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>>justine: the hard days to catch a cab and san francisco may be over. there won't be a total number of taxicabs increase
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by 200. and they may be permits for economically friendly vehicles pin these permits will only last for three years pit >> there is a survey given by meany. -- muni >> a lawsuit filed by a
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berkeley losses --law suit. two men are suing because they fielded it is race discrimination. here are upcoming stories.
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>>erica: welcome back to the kron 4 morning knees. here are temperatures right now. we have a lot of high clouds. we're seeing 50 is for the most part. a look at the big weather story. it looks like we have a lot of cloud cover up ahead.
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we have a potential for some thunderstorms. it is a 10-20% chance over the morning hours. we do not have any chance for rain tomorrow. we're return to the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. the temperatures this afternoon will be a little bit cooler than yesterday. be aware of that as you step outside the door. the orange on-screen does indicate where you will see some 80 degree weather.
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take a look at the afternoon highs going neighborhood by neighborhood. >> take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecasts. it looks like a high pressure will come and as we head into tomorrow which will bring us back to our normal pattern with afternoon sunshine. we could increase a couple degrees as we head into the beginning of next work week.
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>> let's look take a look at traffic in the bay bridge looks what -- a great. there is no weight at the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge has no problems. it is a the tow bit heavier on the west bound side. and the golden gate bridge on southbound 101 and, is usually foggy credit is not today. let's take a look at the traffic maps.
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we are following a signal honor. that actually happened last night. a tractor trailer, on fire. a richly both northbound and southbound lanes were shut down on highway 17. they should have this cleared up around the 5:00 hour. you can see yellow on your screen showing speeds averaging 35 mi. per hour. >> there is a problem at west mcarthur on east bound 580 pin. it looks like a lot of green
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on the vest over traffic map sensors. in the south bay i heard of an earlier accident that looks like it is now cleared up. >> >>justine: right now we are looking at a video of a fire. this is since on the san bruno this wasn't your >> and let's have the book
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as let's find out what happened to sierra lamar. there was a vigil last night for her pit and family even though a suspect has been arrested the researchers are not clear to give up. >> this team was london of five in the field on wednesday: the shore line. there seems to be no stopping these folks. >> this is something you do because you would want people to do this for you. helen at the sierra's searched center in morgan hill here are sierra's
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parents giving praise for all of the boots on the ground. >> this is a very unsurprising response in morgan hill. the parents feel like there has been no closure until sierra's fouled pit they have been getting support from across the country. >> oit was really encouraging to know a there there is a flier out in nebraska for her. >> the search has become more refined with people poking into cauldrons and ravines.
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>> and it is satisfying for me. i will keep on going until they tell me to stop. >>justine: investigators are convinced that she was kidnapped and murdered by the man in custody now. they say the dna found in his car the links him to the murder appeared >>justine: a big thing in [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home the tach world pin.
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>>james: amazon may have tipped its hand.
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they are expected to unveil the new kindle today. it has physical volume controls and a larger storage. >> one day after apple announces their i-phone 5 at least that's all we believe it to be a vent. amazon has to follow. >> and just ahead was former president bill clinton. tonight is president obama stern.
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. we'll have more in the stores will become back.
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>>james: the chp officer of an issue now has died. he was taken off life support about 6:00 yesterday. the shooting happened yesterday -- the shooting happened tuesday morning in alamo. the suspect shot the officer for routine traffic stop. the other officer on the scene shot and killed the suspect. >> we're remembering kenyon in all the way is to be possibly can. he absolutely loved his job. >>james: funeral
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arrangements for officer kenyon youngstrom have not been announced. >> the man at that shot him was christopher lacy. he worked for many bay area companies. even eat day. -- e-bay. the california highway patrol established a memorial fund for youngsters and parents and can be made in any wells fargo branch appeared is for kenyon youngstorm. >>erica: we have a 10-20 percent chance of a shower
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or thunderstorm tore out the morning. suddenly seek an umbrella in handy. -- certainly keep an umbrella handy. here are the temperatures right now. let's take a look ahead. starting tomorrow we will continue with our pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine.
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temperatures aren't a little bit warmer this morning because this cloud cover keeps us a little bit insulated. when the cloud cover pulls back and we may see mostly sunny conditions this afternoon. here are the expected temperatures this afternoon. the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows pretty deep in temperatures as we head into the next string of
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days. >> i have been news in the traffic center. last night a tractor trailer caught on fire last night in shut down highway 17. now it looks like the southbound lanes have been open. we are still showing a little bit of a back up. all of that yellow on your screen shows speeds of 45 mi. per hour >> on east bound 580 at west macarthur adjusted the off ramp is still shut down. there was a shooting and this it is under investigation.
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other than that, it is pretty quiet around the bay area the bridges look fine. as we look at the golden gate bridge you can see that it is one of the few mornings we are not dealing with fog. >>justine: the decision 2012 and is. it obama as '90s shine tonight. as the he will be accepting the nomination. president obama will be offering america a better path. >> clinton said that if you like a winner take all mentality then that is
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contrary to the democrats >> with business and government action in working together appeared with relentless focus on the future ec. we believe we are all of this to gather this a far better philosophy then the philosophy of you are on your own. >> there will be another familiar face in the crowd. gabrielle gifford will be in attendance. she will not have world. -- role. just this last month different live back to to
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sign here and hurt her husband are putting together an organization >> listen up on voters. the conventions are talking to you. >> brought has fought so hard to increase and a key interest and late the the the base rates down. >> but our voters under 30 getting the message? the amount of young voters dropped in the 2010 midterms. >> we're very frustrated with the screening the yelling and the feeling like
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the system doesn't work for them. this uncertainty makes them laid to the 2012 game. it is not apathy. they sure as heck care. >> as the students get back to school she expects more activism. >>justine: a reminder. you can watch uninterrupted coverage of the convention at kron 4 comcast channel 193. >>james: will be talking about how you can avoid being a victim of the stands coming up next pin
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>>james: police say the asian american women are the target of this can happen in some of its is the. -- happening in some of its is the. >> the police are calling this a chinese fraud scheme. there 20 to 46 years: and fluent in cantonese. >> into their told in order to block the evil spirits, they need to bring their money and jewelry and they will be blessed. the suspects perform a ritual over of the victims bad. -- bad. they can see the woman's
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purse and give them back and and the bag. in san francisco, philip, kron 4 news. >>james: we will have an update on both traffic and weather in just a moment.
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>> here is a daily roberts your found some people behaving badly. here is a security guard that was dropped and could barely stand up. you see this banding done is place. that is because he fell face 1st the day before appeared
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there a lot of drinking going on around san francisco. these people are drinking inside and muni bus shelter. these people are having a conversation about a city garbage can. if you are caught drinking in public you can be issued a ticket. if you get a ticket and ignore the ticket, you will be forced into rehab for five days of easter can you ignore care >> so, donna got five tickets and ignored all five seagate get 25 days and rehab to no more than six months.
4:46 am
how much you drink? >> about 12 tax today -- about a 12th packed a day care >> >>james: were in coast to return this morning looking at the damage after an earthquake struck. there has been one reported that. there has been one reported death. there was a heart attack. there was minimal damage. >>erica: it looks like we
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are pi waking up to some cloud cover once again. take a look at our day planner. testemperatures are significantly cooler today. we will see fifties for the most part right outside the door. by the time we reached our afternoon highs we will still be contending with '60s along the shoreline in irian.
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it looks like '90s will stay out of our forecast areas here. it is significantly: compared to yesterday. we will still be contending with tropical cloud cover. here in the afternoon highs. we will see partly cloudy conditions in the north bay was some light winds. but 7 day around the bay forecast shows subtle temperatures changes to out the next few days. there will be no wet weather
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to speak have passed today. the temperatures will increase a little bit as we start at the next work week. and looks like there is a little bit of confusion. southbound 17 is still shut them pi. we will keep you posted on when this area opens. >> the oakland police department is on the scene east bound 580 and west macarthur where there was a shooting. they are investigating some of the offer is closed right now pin and looks like we
4:50 am
see the volume increase as receipt the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza and live look at the golden gate bridge show that they have no issues with his ability. >> we have the normal increases in traffic. >>justine: there falling some news out of southern nebraska. this happened at the nebraska kansas state new- line yesterday afternoon
4:51 am
pin they're looking at what caused this crash pin peterson is a former chicago police officer and is accused of killing his former wife. they delivered a -- a deliberate yesterday morning and will continue to day. >>james: trevor cahill retired the first 16 batters that he faced. >> the las angeles angels
4:52 am
rolled to a 71 victory. the best 7-1 victory. he had to go to the hospital. he never lost consciousness. while-- wow! >>justine: we are falling a developing story out of oakland this morning. police are in the scene of a fatal shooting. will have more coming up.
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>>justine: the na and world record parker and minnesota. it was complete with 60 counts of bacon. they did not say how many people took to eat it. >> told president bill clinton took office at this stage last night at the democratic convention. >> kenyon youngstrom has died after being shot
4:56 am
>> will tell you how fire officials are battling the southern california wildfires.
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>>james: here are the top stories. it is a sad day for the friends and family of kenyon youngstrom. he has died. >> i'm what i want to nominate a man that is cool on the outside in barnes for america on the inside. >>darya: it is president obama in the spotlight tonight. >>mark: let's take a quick look on how the weather should can out later today
4:59 am
pit >>james: we have a chance for a thunderstorm here and there. this afternoon we will have a partial clearing. the fog return some night. >>george: we are still having problems in the santa cruz mountains from an overnight fire. the opening talon is expected to be at 5:00. >> a ramp opening in the east bay could jam up the ride this one. the ramp is shut down for an investigation this morning. >>mark: the one george is
5:00 am
referring to is a shooting that happened at the 500 block of west macarthur. the shooter took off in a car before the officers arrived at the scene. will be watching the potential indications on 580 as the morning goes on. >> a man in the hospital that was shot when the injuries. >>darya: 37 your old kenyon youngstrom was taken out off life support last night. this happened tuesday morning and alamo and shut down 680 in both directions.
5:01 am
the man that shot him was identified as christopher lacy. he was killed by a second chp officer on the scene. >> right now we're going through difficult times. we are remembering kenyon youngstorm and all the waste-- way that we can. >> he absolutely loves his job. this is a loss for everyone in the community. >>mark: along with young stems family -- kenyon youngstorm is a family which is devastated so is the community. >> >>will: you can see the
5:02 am
there is a more moral-- memorial behind me. this community is definitely affected by all of this could. you can see it over there there is a banner that says they do for all you do. you are in our thoughts. this morning they will definitely bring about the american flag and it will be flying at half mast. we expect the community and chp offices to show up at this memorial. digamma the turns out the officer was on the scene to deal with a dead deer. >>darya: that is when his
5:03 am
peat partner radio that he was critical over a jeep wrangler that had an abstracted license plate. it shows that kenyon youngstrom approached the jeep kars and seconds later he was shot in the neck. then it directly after that the other officer opened fire and killed the suspect. he died on the scene. christopher lacey of corning california was the shooter. they're investigating why he would open fire like that. he previously worked for
5:04 am
local companies. he received a degree in computer science. he has lived in many places around the bay. >>mark: it is president obama as night to sign this evening. he will be accepting the democratic nomination. >> bill clinton is telling the crowd that obama's it is offering a better package. >> we democrats thinks the country works better with a strong middle cross. that's class. let's focus on the future.
5:05 am
we will have a business and government working together for a better future. we believe that we are all in this together is a far better philosophy then you are on your own. >> former arizona rep gabrielle difference will be in the crowd tonight. she will be in attendance but will not have an active role. here was the scene when she returned to congress last year. >>darya: here are the stories that we are falling. we are falling a homicide in oakland last night. we will be back a minute.
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>>mark: we are keeping our eye on the bay area weather appeared we still have a possibility of a shower. here are the temperatures right now. >> mark zuckerberg says he is when to hold onto his face but stock for at least one year. second row -- zuckerberg cole many-- holds many additional shares of facebook. digamma >>darya: muni is going to
5:10 am
increase the number of cabs on the street by 200 pin they only apply to the high brad electrical vehicles pin the public is invited to participate in an online survey. the survey you can find on our screen. the results for the survey will be posted on the web site later this year. >>mark: deaths for the west nile virus.
5:11 am
we will talk about what you can do to prevent this virus. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>darya: documentary film on that explosion of the gas pipeline and san bruno is available to see. admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for children. they will have a screening tonight. >>mark: the cooler temperatures is helping the fire fighters gain ground on
5:15 am
this while fire. they have evacuated thousands of campers. the containment is that 44 percent. >> the remnants of tropical storm john r. approaching california and the bay area. >> the concern is that lightning strikes can lead to more fires appeared. >>darya: let's take a look at the weather. >>james: here is a look, mt. tam cam. and the fog from the golden gate bridge camera does not look very thick.
5:16 am
hear the temperatures right now. we are seeing mid-50s bay area by. today will be another mild afternoon. by 3:00 p.m. we are looking for '60s of the coastline in '70s in some eighties inland. >> take a quick look at how temperatures will change by h-p and irian it will cool down dramatically.
5:17 am
here are they expected today's highs. temperatures were warm a little bit as we head to the weekend. friday looks good and next we will have more fog with afternoon sunshine. it will get to the upper eighties by next tuesday. you can always get 24-7 news and weather on comcast channel 193 karen.
5:18 am
>>george: west bound a.d. and the east bound 580 has a ramp closed due to a shooting investigation. it should be able to handle the traffic over the early hours but as of morning moves on it could cause a considerable back up. it could affect the bride -- ride back as far as golden gate fields. we have no idea how long this ramp will be close. >> in the south bound -- south bay, the southbound lanes of highway 17 are still slow.
5:19 am
was a big gregg they caught on fire last night. -- a big big truck pin >> this san mateo bridge isn't easy ride. the drive time is 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge is quiet this morning and appears to be called free. >>darya: there is a deadly crash with a school bus in southern nebraska. four people were killed. a school bus and a tractor- trailer collided karen. this happened yesterday afternoon and the brass tag- kansas state line. an investigation is under way to discover what caused
5:20 am
that accident pin >>james: and decision 2012 many people were talking about president clinton's speech last night. mr. clinton told them that president obama as offering american of a pack. erica has some reactions from our facebook page. >>erica: a lot of people weigh in on the face of status and twitter. a lot of people were excited about the speech could. here is what the responses were. >> i'm sure there will be
5:21 am
more comments coming out throughout the morning. please log in and get as your feedback. >>darya: we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. >> there is a homicide investigation and was macarthur boulevard in oakland. we'll have details on that will become back.
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>>mark: welcome back to the kron 4 morning is. as the nfl season kicked off last night the study says that football's players are 10 times more likely to develop degenerative diseases like alzheimer's pit they found a quarter backs
5:25 am
and running backs have a tendency to develop these diseases. >> the dallas cowboys had a big win last night over the giants. forbes is coming out with an annual list of the most valuable teams. the 49 is can a night on the list. the raiders came and 30 a thread-- 30 yet. >>darya: the west nile virus cases continue to grow.
5:26 am
texas is of hardest-hit state with nearly 43 cases there. >> the mosquito is the key here appeared is the part of the chain that passes it on to the human. >>darya: experts say that dry temperatures may have contributed to the search they're trying to discover what happened this year to make it such a deadly one. california has had 55 cases of west nile virus pin protect yourself they suggested you wear long sleeves and pants during the ski time.
5:27 am
>> >>mark: will be back with kron 4 and is in just a couple of minutes. we will talk about the possibility of some rain showers.
5:28 am
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>>mark: let's have to james for a weather update. >>james: we have a chance of maybe some thunder shower activity this morning. it is very minor. that after that we are looking at good mild weather through the weekend. we will talk more about today in detail later. >>george: there is one problem right now. we're waiting for lanes to be the open and a grid. there was a tractor truck
5:30 am
fire that caught some of the vegetation on fire. >> the homicide in oakland. as to what happened this is the 900 block. to give you more news faster. we have a solo reporter. yoli? the corridors of the server is here. they have been out here with the coroner's... of this is here. aside from that, it is pretty sketchy from and there. they are
5:31 am
trying to piece it together and we are still waiting to hear from the supervisor on a this. 2. and hopefully give us more detail. now that the corn or is here on the scene. they think their investigation of that will only continue for about another hour from the -- coroners office near macarthur. and also the exit off of the freeway are closed. they're hoping that they will reach-open in about one, opened. >> was this a shooting? about one hour? those could be opened. --the exits'. >> was there any type of surveillance in that area? >> that is what we are still waiting to hear from the supervisor to speak to us. with more details. i can tell you this. it seems that whoever has it done this and
5:32 am
they could have actually shot several rounds. you can see the markers along this area. it is difficult to say if there was a sugar alarm. however, there was definitely that there was a--shooter. >> the latest of of the east bay. the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. >> this is been a life
5:33 am
altering tragedy for the family it is impacting all this to the court. the officer was a giving a man and a man of great faith. he believed in service, contribution and is to contribute contribute the officer is still a donoated organ status. c h p is establishing a memorial fund. it is available at anny wells fargo chanbank branch. -you can drop off a check for the family. also, it is difficult to a imagine what this small young families must be dealing with. with this is so sad.
5:34 am
(sobbing) >> i wish that i could be there for her right now. calming her and telling her that everybody and everything is going to be okay. >> the pta is going to take what ever it takes to help his family through this difficult time >> decision 2012. president obama will take the center stage tonight after president bill clinton stole the show last night toward 48 minute speech speech! that president obama laid the balance budget and more jobs for the economy. also criticizing paul ryan about medicare. >> now, one congressman paul ryan looked into that
5:35 am
television cameras and attacked obama's medicare savings as " the biggest, coldest power-play i do not know if i should have laugh or cry. that $716 billion is exactly to the dollar the same amount of medicare savings that he has in his own budget. (cheers & applause) it takes some brass to attack a dog to do what you did. >> former president bill clinton also sign that voters are not better off than they were four years ago. no president could have prepared all of the damage that obama found in just four years. and inherited. remember, you can
5:36 am
watch the uninterrupted democratic national convention on a or new 24/7 news channel toward comcast 193. >> drug possession and child abuse. she was found with methamphetamines were she was staying with her ninth year old son. the ocustody is being currently seeked from the spouse. after difficult strange incidences reported in public that she met in riyadh. she has reportedly been suffering from a chemical dependency. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room the labor department is saying that an unemployment benefits stoppdropped by 12 percent. dropped by--12,000. perhaps hiring has improved? also,
5:37 am
the private company is saying that the u.s. added over 200,000 jobs in the month of august. both are encouraging over the government report of jobs.
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>> welcome back the fbi & apple is denying a formation that they sold information of 12 different accounts information from those-- 12,000 accounts. the fbi saying that on tuesday there was no evidence indicating that the information was compromised. apple says that it did not provide information to the fbi. >> yelp is helping restaurants by generating more business. with a store rating increase will show a
5:41 am
90% increase during peak hours. it was independent on changes of price, quality, service. >> amazon had a pair of devices that could be the next generation of kidles. he could be expected to be unveiled today kindles. with a faster processor, 7- inch and also hdmi port. at 5:4:02 a.m. we will be back with more news, weather, traffic. and in just a couple of moments of taking a look at the bay bridge you can se it is easy
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>> welcome back. the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died
5:45 am
wednesday evening from wounds he sustained in a shooting on interstate 680 in alamo on tuesday. >> president obama is going to accept the nomination. last night former president bill clinton spoke. and an oakland there it is investigating the shooting investigation >> the widow of apple, steve jobs is the joining the five-year term on the board of trustees starting october 1st. the former wife earned a graduate degree in stanford and is a co-founder of after-school program helping high school kids. >> watching this as this hurricane " michael ". is no category three as the first major hurricane that we have
5:46 am
seen it off the atlantic. it is not an immediate threat. however, hurricane lesley could be close to bermuda as a category 2 however, it could be a bit closer to the east. bermuda is preparing for a possible her cane. >> let us take a look our local weather. with bermuda--preparing for a possible hurricane. >> good morning. we could see some sunshine. and a slight warm up. this live look from the golden gate id is not that big of a factor as far as the fog. it however, could develop later. with a bit of moisture coming in on the rader to the el diablo range. however, not much through the we will keep you
5:47 am
updated if any precipitation activity pops up. the satellite/writer showing bits and pieces but nothing that is foolish going to reach the ground on the satellite radar will continue to watch and wait. nothing--significant. been a cloud coverage is something that we're going to be dealing with with the pacific headed our way. partly/mostly cloudy. temperatures will be on the mild side toward mid '50s in the city and even 50s in the self-bay--south bay.. however, y noon we are looking at 60s for portions of the bay near the water. by noon,-3:00 p.m. mid '80s. but that will be about it. 86 degrees in
5:48 am
antioch. with low 80s to the san ramon valley and for this afternoon a mild stay. temperatures will not be significantly warmer. however, mild weather will continue for this weekend. dissipating all or wrinkle chances. monday is not that bad. dissipating our cash rainfall chances for the latest news, weather and traffic check out our new news channel comcast 192. >> good morning, the 17 has been reopened. and also,the south has been recently reopened after a tanker fire that started at 9:00 p.m.
5:49 am
last night however, all lanes are no open and the better news for interstate 580. of the macarthur maze:westbound. it was shut down for a police investigation. they have opened up the connecting ramps and also portions of the off-ramp from the 580 east bound. here is a quick check of the bridges. light conditions from the maze, the nimitz and also from 92. heading towards foster city. just 11 minutes. and a quick check on the golden gate showing smooth conditions with light traffic no delays through marin county this morning. >> thank you. watching baseball check that out rainbow. that beautiful rainbow over the stadium. it
5:50 am
was a difficult game with cahill, the former athletic took a no-hitter in the seventh inning. and beating the giants 6-2. and on this three game series. cahill retired the first 16 batters but sandoval with acceptance with mcdonald... it looks like he was a bit upset. and clear. the had to break it up. the dodgers also lost. let us check out the athletic a is taking on the los angeles angels. and take a look at display! mccarthy. taking that in the fourth inning. let me show you that-play. he had to go to
5:51 am
the hospital. it was just as a precaution. the team saying that he did not lose consciousness. a sweep for the angels. to get one of the wild-card spots. and also from the u.s. open roddick is retiring at the age of 30. he loses from the 2009 u.s. open and this has been delayed because of rainfall. also roger federer ... >> i am surprised that he is retiring. and perhaps if you go out on top with a victory? i cannot know. >> he is 30! alwe will be back
5:52 am
with more in a few moments let us take a look outside. nothing to make you feel old when somebody is retiring at the age of 30. we are still looking at some thunderstorm activity to deal with. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
5:53 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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5:55 am
amanda bynes could reach one year behind bars after two different collisions. >> the song of the summer is the " call me maybe' and laday gaga goes to washington and dried to go
5:56 am
to the meat the smithsonian.. >> not your typical labor day cook out. with bacon cheeseburger. check this thing out. first, the hamburger bun. and if you think that looks good? it is 2,014 lbs. and look at that cheese. and this is twice the size of the previous record. they had to use a crane to flip it over.
5:57 am
>> i think that i could throw up! and there is the difference. tween you and i. we will be back with more developing. in an oakland, there was an overnight shooting/this morning. there is one person dead and they're still looking for the sugar. the devastation of the c h p. the oakland shooter.. to. all at large.. still.. at large.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> our top stories the top stories in this investigation after a shooting in oakland. we are light. and friends, family are morniuring the loss of chp officer kenyon youngstrom who died wednesday evening from


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